Putting that "Doctors" in Eye Doctors of Madison......
Dr. Michael A. Baker, O.D. - Optometrist
Doctor Baker proudly returned to his hometown of Madison to join the practice of his own childhood optometrist, Doctor Nick Donch.  Doctor Baker earned his optometry degree from The Ohio State University following a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo.  He had trained at the Hampton Virginia Veteran’s Hospital as well as a prestigious cataract and glaucoma surgical office in central Pennsylvania.  Dr. Baker is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Ohio Optometric Association. 
Dr. Baker has established our in-office Dry Eye Clinic as well as expanded our Glaucoma Service to reflect his interest in those two conditions.  He also takes pride in fitting multifocal contact lenses, managing digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome, and evaluating pediatric patients.

Dr.Baker lives in Hartsgrove with his wife Kelli and three children.

Dr. Nick J. Donch, O.D. - Optometrist (Emeritus)

For 46 years, Doctor Donch served and examined the Madison community.  Dr. Donch had visited both Honduras and Siberia to perform volunteer eye examinations in those underserved areas.

Dr.Donch and JoAnn, his wife of 45 years, have been proud to call Madison home.  Together, they have two daughters Sherry and Diana.  Some of our patients may remember Dr. Diana as she practiced optometry in her father’s Madison office prior to establishing her own practice in Pennsylvania.
Dr. Nick J. Donch passed away June 10, 2011.  Years later, we and our longtime patients still miss him.


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